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As an experienced technology leader, I consult to small and medium sized technology businesses (think ~5 to 30 engineering team members). I focus software teams on what really matters, delivering great quality products and services to their customers.

A CTO's skills vary widely and we are, pardon the pun, often a 'Jack' of all trades. My strengths include:

  • Streamlining prioritisation, processes and tools so that your engineers spend more time building and less time in meetings.
  • I can help your business and teams adapt to distributed and remote work, regardless if you're suddenly working from home or you're growing beyond your office.
  • Build a reliable rhythm of software delivery, so that your business leaders have confidence to plan and scale GTM, sales and partnership activities.
  • Refine your technology strategy, architecture and tools creating a pathway to accelerated growth across your business.
  • Create an inclusive team culture that actively fosters learning and innovation, resulting in truly diverse teams; and diverse teams are proven to build better products in the long run.

With over a decade of software engineering, architecture and developer relations, I know what it takes to bring together stakeholders across the company and focus engineering teams to make a tangible impact on the bottom line of your business.

Engagements can be a mix of fixed scope projects, transformation challenges and long term partnerships depending on your desired outcomes.

If your team needs help with any of this and more, then we should chat. The coffee is on me.

— Jack Skinner

Your CTO & Advisor

I help teams achieve more by focusing on their people, their process and technology. Here's a short list of how I can help your teams get better at what they do best - build great products.

Hiring & Growth
Reinvigorate your hiring strategy to screen-in talent and inspire the newest members of your team.
Roadmap & Strategy
Align your technology priorities with customer value and business goals. Get clarity from your never-ending backlog and focus on what really matters.
Technology Leadership
Engineering management is a skill, not a career ladder. Coach your managers and leaders to run world-class teams.
Culture & Collaboration
Refine how delivery teams work end-to-end across your business, because internal collaboration is just as important as feature development.
API Design & Architecture
APIs are easy, but good APIs are really hard. Design and build APIs that your partners and customers will love working with to build rock solid integrations and ecosystems.
Innovation, Agile, and DevOps^
But seriously, help your engineers adopt automation and collaboration tools, and create the culture to leverage them to streamline delivery.

^If you won a game of Buzzword Bingo while reading this section, let me know for a free sticker.

Working with industry leading companies

Does your team need a technical leader? Lets chat! The first coffee is on me.

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